Student Sponsorship

Knowledge Breaks Boundaries

Our students have made the wise decision of pursuing an education. They dream of a better life for the future and have, thus, started to work towards achieving that goal. Regardless of their background, they understand that education has the power to take them places – to help them break out of poverty. Hardworking, service-oriented and motivated, our students already have what it takes to become big assets to any hospitality establishment. We, as a school, only need to build upon these qualities with relevant skills and knowledge to maximize the students’ chances of finding jobs once they graduate.

Help Us Plant the Seeds of Success

By choosing to sponsor one or more of our students, your money will go into covering the educational and accommodation expenses of the student(s). Furthermore, you will receive semi-annual reports from us containing information on your beneficiary’s progress. You will find more information by clicking on the icon below. Student_Sponsorship_Flyer_website Ultimately, there is no limit to the support you give; you can choose to engage these students in an internship or even offer them employment.

Get Started

Establishing a student sponsorship with us is easy and even more rewarding! To get started, forward your interest to Ms Lalita Yasakul at and we will make the necessary arrangements. Please also do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.