Student Life

A Home Away from Home

Given the large distance between our school and most of the students’ villages, they do not go back very often. With this in mind, we cultivate a sense of family and belonging.

We offer separate boys’ and girls’ dormitories each with shower and toilet facilities. Furthermore, breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at our school’s canteen which is run by the students.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Care for a game of badminton, volleyball or soccer? Then drop by HCTC after 17:00 and join the fun. Others opt to spend their downtime drawing, engaging in crafts, or playing music. Beyond school hours, our students have the freedom to participate in various activities.

These hours allow our students to get to know themselves better, build self-confidence, foster relationships, and “de-stress”.

TBCAF Sports Day

Once every semester, one of our main-founders, TBCAF, holds a ‘Sports Day’ wherein all of its affiliated schools meet to engage in friendly competition. This is organized to build stronger friendships and values of respect among students. Learning valuable skills like how to play in a team is instilled.