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Our vocational restaurant with the capacity for 40 guests serves as a means for students to gain practical knowledge and skills in both Cooking and Food & Beverage Service disciplines.   The restaurant is open for dinner, 18:30 – 21:00, every Friday and Saturday and also on request. To ensure you have a table, you may make a reservation by phone call or send us an email

Arrange for a Dinner with Us.

Guests receive a warm welcome, a delectable Asian or Western 3-course meal, a free lemongrass welcoming drink, and a complementary digestif to end the evening. Overall, we will make you feel great for supporting our project.   You get the choice of dining outdoors on our patio or indoors. The spacious dining room has a built-in window offering you a glimpse of the action going on in the kitchen. As you will see during your visit, our culinary equipment and machinery is of the same standard used in the most prestigious hotels and restaurants around.

Always a Unique Experience…

In giving our students the opportunity to cook and serve a wide variety of dishes, our menu is never the same. Pair that with the different personality and smile of each student server and you are always guaranteed a great time with us.

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