Partners & Sponsors

The Hospitality & Catering Training Center was supported by a large base of partners & sponsors both at the international and local level who contributed their efforts toward the continuation and further development of our project. Our continued ability to provide quality education to our beneficiaries is made possible through the support we receive from them.  Below is a non-exhaustive list of our main benefactors; recognizing their contributions to our cause.




Accor Hotels Group

Our strong partnership with Accor Thailand has been established since the conception of the school. Aside from the funding received from Solidarity Accor, Accor Group’s endowment fund, we have also been given massive support through product and equipment donations, as well as being offered opportunities for student internships and teacher coaching at Accor properties throughout Southeast Asia. Early in 2014, the Hospitality & Catering Training Center organized a conference on “Sustainable Hospitality & Tourism” which was held at Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam which would not have been possible without the cooperation of Accor and its hotels.


Centara Hotels & Resorts

A large percentage of our students have gained practical experience in the hospitality industry thanks to internship placements with Centara Hotels & Resorts. They demonstrated their strong support for our cause when the General Manager, Human Resources Director, and Marketing Manager of Centara Mae Sot Hill Resort came to the school to teach our students more about work in a hotel and internship opportunities with them. Centara also hosted one of our staff members through our “Coach the Teachers” program for 2 months to receive training in Marketing. The Centara Mae Sot Hill Resort even permitted a student fieldtrip to be done in their property. The students got to see the different types of guestrooms, the front office, the restaurants and swimming pool. Not to mention, the tour guide was the General Manager himself!

Onyx Hospitality Group

Onyx Hospitality group supports the Hospitality & Catering Training Center (HCTC) with a student sponsorship worth 100,000 THB. The sponsorship will go to support the student’s training, general education and develop the relevant skills to meet the current and future needs of the hospitality industry.

Looking to the future, ONYX is also in discussion to offer HCTC further support through ONYX’s Volunteer Coaching Programme. Volunteers will work closely to provide quality leadership and life-skill experiences for both teachers and students of HCTC in the areas of hospitality and catering.


Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok

The Rembrandt Hotel is a  well-known hotel centrally located in Bangkok. The property,  represented by  General Manager, Mr Eric Hallin is supporting  HCTC  by providing  accommodation for HCTC staffs when we need to stay in the capital for work (training, meetings….). In addition the management is generously helping us extending the network of institutional and professional partners we need throughout the country.




The Borderline Women’s Collective & Gallery

A non-profit organization, the Borderline Women’s Collective, led by Mrs Sylvia Lin, was set up to help market the handicrafts of Burmese women living along the Thai-Burma border. Aside from generating income, their initiative encourages the continuation of cultural art and the development of artists’ skills.

Our school has received plenty of support and help from the organization. They are regular guests at the Passport Restaurant and drop by whenever foreign visitors arrive at Mae Sot.


Colabora Birmania

The creation of this official website was realized by Marc, a leading member of Colabora Birmania. He was willing to take up the challenge of putting our ideas into code and uploading it onto the World Wide Web.

Colabora Birmana, is a Spanish NGO started in 2009 to help educate Burmese refugees in the area.



Minmahaw is a school setup to educate Burmese-Karen youth. Aside from general education, they also offer their students elective programs such as Simple Business, Architecture, Teacher Training and Hospitality taught by volunteer professionals that allow students to open their minds to different fields of work.

Our educational partnership with Minmahaw maximized the benefit we were able to give to Mae Sot’s Karen population. Once a week, the Hospitality & Catering Training Center sends over a representative to teach the Hospitality elective class at Minmahaw. Likewise, to give practical exposure to their students taking the Teacher Training elective class, Minmahaw sends them to our school to teach our students English. These classes offer our beneficiaries the opportunity to further improve their English language skills.



Pro Gastronomia  logo couleur

Fondation Nestlé Pro Gastronomia

With the generosity of the Fondation Nestlé Pro Gastronomia, we were able to receive over 60 university-level hospitality text books and other related multi-media items. The implementation of these materials allowed us to greatly increase the quality of our teaching. The books served as a quick reference for both students and teachers.

       saint exupery logo

Fondation Antoine De Saint Exupery

The partnership between the IECD and the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation will focus on strengthening the educational programs offered by the school. Access to reading and language learning will be enhanced, particularly thanks to the creation of an interactive resource center and a pedagogical garden that will bring education in sustainable development to a new level for the students, whose training includes a cooking specialisation.

The Foundation will also help to improve the daily lives of students at school and within the boarding house by participating in the renovation of several buildings and facilities and covering a part of the school fees. 60 disadvantaged boys and girls will therefore be able to attend school and have a healthy and nurturing environment to thrive and grow in


The EXO Foundation

The EXO Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2011 by Exotissimo Travel a leading Asian Destination Management Company operating in 9 different countries: Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam. Their mission is to foster sustainable development mainly through tourism activities they support and to instigate a system of tourism that incorporates long-term strategies to maximise the benefits for local communities.

The Foundation partnered with the HCTC in 2016 and donated $5000 to support the school.



L’École d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme Paul Dubrule, Siem Reap

Our efforts to design and implement a standardized curriculum to help our students meet international hospitality recruitment standards were possible through partnering with the L’École d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme Paul Dubrule.


Vatel International Hotel & Tourism Management Business School, Bangkok

One of our objectives is to hand over full operational control of the school to locals. With this in mind, we are focusing on developing two of our graduates, Nat & Kasemsri, who are interested in coming back to teach full-time at the school.

The Vatel International Hotel & Tourism Management Business School of Bangkok took Nat & Kasemsri for 2 months at their school where they received training in Restaurant Service and in the Kitchen. In 2014, the university also hosted one of our staff members through our “Coach the Teachers” program and provided in-depth training on Restaurant Management.





The Hotelogix team’s willingness to support a social initiative in Thailand gave us the opportunity to use their Property Management System for our vocational hotel. The greatest benefit was our ability to start an introductory course for students into the Front Office aspect of hotel operations. We were impressed by Hotelogix’s simplicity, functionality and very strong customer support.